Here are the tables used by the moderator for handling orders and messages.

Courier Success : rolled for every Message and Order sent by any officer or unit.

Order Interpretation : rolled for every Order received by a Non-player officer or unit.

Order Execution: rolled for every Order received by a Non-player officer or unit.
    Panic means retreat a hex if ordered to stand or advance.
    Blunder may produce movement in the wrong direction.
    Waiver means the officer hesitates and will only use half his MP following the order.
The Order Execution Table will also be used at the moderators discretion whenever an opportunity arises for a non player unit to take initiative.


Die Roll

Courier Success Order Acceptance Order Execution


Courier is lost unbeknownst to sender. Order is ignored. Leader/Unit Panics and blunders.


Courier is lost, sender informed 1 turn later. Order is sent back for verification. Leader/Unit Panics.


Courier arrives 2 turns late Orders is implemented 2 turns late. Leader/Unit Blunders.


Courier arrives 1 turn late. Orders is implemented 1 turn late. Leader/Unit Wavers.


Courier arrives as scheduled. Orders is implemented as stipulated. Order is executed as stipulated.


Courier arrives 1 turn early or this turn. Orders is implemented immediately. Leader/Unit agressively seizes an available opportunity.
  Modifiers (cumulative) Modifiers (cumulative) Modifiers (cumulative)
  -5 Sender or receiver is isolated. -2 Leader/Unit is isolated. -3 Attack order and formation at 50% loss.
  -1 Receiver moved during the current turn. -1 Leader/unit not in chain of command. -2 Attack order and formation at 35% loss.
  +1 Sender and receiver in LOS of each other -1 Replacement leader. -1 Attack order and formation at 20% loss.
  +1 Sender and receiver in adjacent hexes. -1 Complicated order, 20 words or more. -2 Leader/Unit is isolated.
  +1 Receiver has not moved for 2 turns. +2 In Person Verbal Order. -1 Formation has Majority E-F Class units.
      +1 Formation has Majority A Class units.