Player Roster

This was the second game of this type I ran, this time I limited the number of players by setting the union player level at corps. As in the previous game this one lasted about 18 months or 72 weeks in which time we played 146 turns. Early in the game and during night turns I did three turns per week to speed the game up and we would then slow down to a single turn when the action warranted it.

We had a lot more turnover in this game than the first one especially on the Confederate side and the roster reflects this. I also believe the high turnover on the CSA side may have hurt their chances somewhat as they had a lot more problems with co-ordination and orders than the union side because of the high turnover. Towards the end of the game I did not replace players who dropped out but just assumed control of their commands myself treating them in the same manner as I did the brigades.

Confederate Army


Player Turns

Gen. Lee

Rob Hinkle   1-58

Lt. Gen. Longstreet

Doug Burke   1-84

Lt.Gen. Ewell

Malcolm Hunt   1-84

Lt.Gen. A.P.Hill

R. D. Haynes   1-146

Maj.Gen. McLaws

David Mallory   1-146

Maj.Gen. Hood

Kennon Whitehead   1-146

Maj.Gen. Pickett

John Dragan   1-146

Maj.Gen. Johnson

Calvin Graham   1-146

Maj.Gen. Early

Adam Wadding   1-146

Maj.Gen. Rodes

Robert Weir   1-146


Ted Huffman   1-130

Maj.Gen. Heth

Mark Kibbey   1-120

MGen. Anderson

Don Adams
Jon Cuneo
  1- 71

Maj.Gen. Trimble

David Groce   59-146

Maj.Gen. Ransom

Larry Brown
Willie Passmore

Lt.Gen. Stuart

Mike Smith
Larry Brown
Doug Burke
  1- 18


Union Army


Player Turns

Maj.Gen. Hooker

Dierk Walter   1-146

Maj.Gen. Reynolds

Robert Frost   1-146

Maj.Gen. Hancock

George Kasnic   1-94

Maj.Gen. Sickles

Steve Johnson   1-146

Maj.Gen. Meade

Mike O'Connor
Ernie Sands

Maj.Gen. Sedgewick

Scott Schlitte   70-146

Maj.Gen. French

Gary Larsen   1-146

Maj.Gen. Howard

Tony Best
Mike Letus
Mark Oakford
  1- 18

Maj.Gen. Slocum

Matt Perrenod   1-146