Tessier MP Game II

    This is the second MP game I have moderated using a modified version of the Tessier system that was used for the Napoleonic games. Information on the first can be found here.

    This scenario depicts a what if for June of 1863 and is based loosely on something I've read in a couple different books about Hooker's plan to attack Lee's Line of Communications thru the valley. After Ewell's attack on Winchester Hooker orders the AoP to move north and convinces Lincoln to give him command over the Harper's Ferry troops. When Lee has crossed the Potomac and begins his move into Pennsylvania Hooker sends Slocum with this force and his XII Corps to cut Lee's Line of Communications and capture the Potomac Fords. Lee learns of this move late on the 26th after Ewell has started his move on Carlisle and Longstreet and Hill had started north to Chambersburg. On the 27th Lee recalls Ewell and orders Longstreet and Hill to countermarch to protect the crossings until the army is concentrated. As dawn breaks on June 28 Slocum's force moves to cut the fords. Having learned of Ewell's retirement from Pennsylvania the previous evening Hooker orders the rest of the AoP to move to support Slocum. The climatic battle will take place in Maryland, not Pennsylvania.

    We use HPS Corinth 1.01 for these games since the later versions do not allow custom maps or OOB's. I have made some changes to the system we used for the first game, hopefully they will make it more realistic.
1. I plan to play the turns in multiple phases like the BG system, I was not happy with the poor defensive fire in the first game. I will be using the same 700 man stacking keeping it to 500 Infantry and 300 cavalry for combat. The same rules for movement and combat will be used as in the first game. I still plan to do both turns as before so you will be making decisions based on what you see without the knowledge of what will occur on the opponents turn.
2. I have made a few changes to the pdt, I have modified the pdt using one similar to Robert Frost's new BG pdt. This includes some changes for more effective canister fire from guns while reducing the range of all weapons to what was normal for the era. Small arms will not fire beyond 3 hexes (300 yards) while gun ranges have been reduced to the point where their multiplier becomes a 1. I had originally decided to run both fire phases myself, but decided not to do it, the reduced ranges in the pdt should alleviate some f the poor firing decisions byt the AI. The pdt changes also include changing the limber/unlimber cost to 3 MP and reducing the fire bonus when shooting at mounted cavalry. Command range for both sides is 3 hexes for brigades and 6 hexes for divisions. I have decided to use the Optional Higher FA Recovery Rule and set the recovery percentages to 7 20. I'm hoping this will encourage players to rest their units once their FA level reaches the midrange. If you do this your units should recover and be able to fight the next day. On the other hand if you fight your units into the ground on the first day it is likely they will be of no use on the second.
3. The map is based on the Falling Waters map from HPS Gettysburg covering the Hagerstown, Williamsport, Sharpsburg area. The positions of the forces at start were set by me based on the positions of the forces on the 25th as a starting point although I have allowed for an earlier start north by some yankee corps to produce what I wanted. There is plenty of room for maneuver on the map and the CO's can decide where they want to fight once we get set up and they see where their side starts. I expect there may be some skirmishing early on but a full scale battle should not break out on the first turn, probably not for several hours. Both sides are fairly spread out and who concentrates first could decide the outcome.
4. Orders and messages will be handled as in the first game, the tables can be found from the links on the left.